You've Made It!  It's Your Senior Year!

 You've made it to the top of the totem pole!  And it feels AMAZING!  

And yet ... you've come to the realization that soon you'll be stepping out into the great unknown and that is both exciting and terrifying all at the same time!

SO.MUCH.TO.DO .... college apps, senior pages, senior prom, senior banquets, keeping your grades up, jobs .... the list is endless ....


One of the most daunting and exciting tasks of senior year is getting your senior pictures taken.  I bet you're researching the options as we speak!  

You could certainly go with the standard school senior pictures which are offered the summer before your senior year starts.  They are nice and will capture an image of you smiling.  But they will do nothing to portray your unique spirit and they will certainly not stand out from the crowd.  They do not allow for any creativity or fun.  They are just pictures and they look just like all your classmates' pictures.  

So .... are you ready to shine instead?!

How about you and I work together to produce an amazing senior portrait experience which is not only cool and unique, but will result in pictures that capture your true personality, wearing the clothes you love, at amazing locations, incorporating all the things that tell the story of who you are right here, right now?!  No pull down backdrop and studio light can hold a candle to that!

Take a look ....


A consultation via email, phone or in person to discuss your ideas for your session.

1-1.5 hours of shooting.

3-5 outfit changes.  All the things you'd love to bring and incorporate into your photos.

30-50 fully edited images to choose from.

An in-home ordering session where I will be right by your side to help you choose the perfect prints and products for your needs.

Absolutely stunning prints and products that you can be proud to display and cherish for years.


Fun, laughter, creativity and maybe a little bit of dirt are included at no extra charge ;)





All SKP Seniors receive a  COMPLIMENTARY CAP & GOWN SESSION  at the end of the year!

Once those cap and gowns roll in we'll meet at my house for a 15 minute mini session.

You'll receive 4-6 fully edited, high-resolution digital images a few days later to print and share to your heart's delight.

Perfect for graduation parties and gifts.