Kids - Ages 5 and Up ...

Wait .... WHAAAAAAT?

Five and up?

Yep.  Sadly, I am no spring chicken anymore and these creaky knees of mine just can't take the up and downs that comes with photographing babies and toddlers.

As adorable as they are .... and so much fun to photograph .... I have to say no. *

But no worries!  I know some ladies who do amazing newborn and toddler photography and I am more than happy to refer you.  


So what ages DO I photograph, you ask?  

I love kids 5 and up!  

And the tween years ... be still my heart ... they are my favorites.

Especially THIRTEEN.

Honestly, thirteen just needs their own category.


So what do SKP Kid sessions look like?

Basically, we just play it be ear.

Sure we can plan and you can dress your kids up, but they are kids and we are basically at their mercy.  

But that's okay!  I'm patient and I can roll with whatever they put out.  Pinky swear.

I promise that I WILL capture some gorgeous photos of your precious kids even if you think I've gotten nothing. 

Cross my heart. ♥



 * All current SKP tots, regardless of age, are grandfathered in.  Because you're already my people and I love you.  You just may have to help me up once I get down. LOL!  Seriously though ....


A consultation via email, phone or in person to discuss your ideas for your session.

1-1.5 hours of shooting.

2-3 outfit changes.  All the things you’d love to bring and incorporate into your photos.

30-50 fully edited images to choose from.

An in-home ordering session where I will be right by your side to help you choose the perfect prints and products for your needs.

Absolutely stunning prints and products that you can be proud to display and cherish for years.


Tons of patience, silliness and maybe some off-key singing included at no extra charge.  :D