Close your eyes.

Picture your daughter rummaging through a closet in your house looking for something in particular.

She happens upon an old box.

Curious, she lifts the lid to see what's inside and is delighted to find it's full of old photos.

She recognizes the faces of her loved ones and smiles.


She sits down right there on the floor of the closet and lovingly starts pulling out photos ...

Each piece of paper tells a story, a little piece of history, a precious moment frozen in time.


She completely forgets why she came to the closet in the first place.

So delighted with her new found treasure.

She takes the box and closes the closet door.


She has found a priceless gift and she's anxious to share the old photos with others.

To relive old memories and share stories.


Now open your eyes.

Do you have a box of photos to leave to your loved ones?

Have you lovingly documented your life, the life of your children and your grandchildren?

Have you printed these photos and tucked them away for future generations to come?


Life has become so "in the moment" with no thought for the future.

We all just snap pics to hurry and share online with complete strangers.

We take web sized photos of our babies, our kids' special events at school, birthday parties, even weddings.

But what do we do with these "photos"?  Absolutely nothing.

We "share" them online with virtual strangers to see how many "likes" we can get.


But what about our future?  

What about preserving our legacy for our family that is yet to be?


I can't imagine my life without pictures.

The faces of my precious children throughout the years. 

The faded old photos of the generations who came before me.  

I love seeing their hairstyles, the clothes they wore, old cars, home furnishings .... it tells the story of the times.

Without them, I'd have no idea what their lives were like ...  where they started and where they ended up.

What they were all about.

These photos are their legacy.

They're what carries their story on.

They are truly priceless.


Do you have a box of photos?


There is no pause button in life.  It just keeps rushing by.  

I encourage you to capture the moments on film and print them out so that you'll have the memories to relive later in life and pass down to those who come after you.

You don't need to be a great photographer to capture the moments.  

You just need to take them, print them and keep them safe.