Professional photography is a luxury, for sure.

But if you're here, then it's safe to assume that you believe in good quality photography that will stand the test of time.  


It's an investment in your family's history.  

Beautiful snippets of your life captured forever to be relived over and over by your children and your children's children.  

It's also just plain good for the heart to surround yourself with gorgeous images of those you love.




At SKP I am totally sincere when I say it's all about you.  Your session is completely tailored to your needs and wishes. I want you to be part of the creation of your session and the resulting images.  We will put our heads together to discuss the date, time, location and style that suits you perfectly.  

Session days are neither complicated, nor high-stress.  Instead, they are like a play-date or just a stroll around town.  You will typically hear me squeal with delight when I happen upon the perfect little place to pop you into for a quick shot.  I'll often turn my camera around so you, too, can see the awesomeness come to life from a seemingly non-interesting little nook or cranny.

My goal is to provide you with a fun photo session that results in images that will touch your soul, pull at your heartstrings and bring tears of joy to your eyes.  I want you to be blown away when you see them.  I want you to take your gorgeous images and hang them in your home where they can bring a smile to your face each and every day.  

This is my wish for you.

I'll let you know up front that I am not a "shoot and burn" photographer.

I believe in printing your photographs.


Photographs are so much more than just a share on FB or Instagram.

They are our memories.  Our lives told in pictures.  Our legacy.

And they should be printed and cherished and passed down through the ages.


And so, at SKP, you will never get just a digital image.

You will get beautiful art as well.

Bold, colorful, rich and authentic prints and products that are guaranteed to make your heart sing. ♥



 T H E   S E S S I O N  F E E


SKP Session Fees are $150 plus tax 

Groups over 7 are $175 plus tax


All Sessions Include:

A planning session via phone.

Up to one and a half hours of fun-filled, on-location shooting time, with 2-3 clothing changes.

Each session yields approximately 30-50 images to choose from.

An In Person Sales Session to help you choose the best prints and products for your needs.



 Session fees are for Sandy's time only.  Prints and products are sold separately.  

Session fees are due within 5 days of booking to reserve your slot on the SKP Calendar.


* Travel fees will be applied to locations outside of Catawba County.




All SKP prints and products are expertly color corrected and printed on archival paper or canvas to stand the test of time.

Each piece is an heirloom designed to be treasured for generations.

Most clients invest between $600 and $1500 in their portraits.



T H E   C O L L E C T I O N S





(20) 5x7 prints (your choice) 

Plus one of the following:

(1) 16x20 print mounted on mat board


(1) set of Accordion Mini Books, (includes 12 photos from your 20 selections)







(1) 5x7 print of each gallery image contained in a beautiful Portrait Keepsake Box

(10) high resolution digital files (includes print release)

Plus one of the following:

(2) 16x20 standout mount prints (no frame required)


(1) 10x10, 10 page Keepsake Memory Album (includes 25 of your favorite images)



10% off additional prints and products





(1) 5x7 print of each gallery image contained in a beautiful Portrait Keepsake Box

(1) high resolution digital file of each gallery image (includes print release)

Plus one of the following:

(3) 16x20 prints mounted on mat board


(1) 16x20 gallery wrapped canvas


(1) 10x10, 15 page Keepsake Memory Album (includes all your gallery images)



20% off additional prints and products





A  L A   C A R T E   P R I C I N G


 SKP offers an array of gorgeous custom designed products, from Keepsake Coffee Table Books and Mini Accordion Books, to custom Graduation Cards and Christmas Cards .... just to name a few.


Click here to view the SKP A La Carte Prints & Prices Menu

Sandy Keys Photography has a minimum $300 order requirement. 



7% sales tax is applied to session fees, prints and products.


Sandy Keys Photography accepts credit cards, checks and cash.

Payment is required in full before orders will be processed.

Prices are subject to change without notice.